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Connect toremote desktop computer

Communication made easy even with remote desktop

Make your connection with computers in the most remote location with UzConnect’s remote support software. One just has to create a login id and obtain a session code and share it with his/her client. The client can use this code to connect to the website using an invitation link, from where the user can connect to any remote computer and control the desktop. This can be done even from a mobile, iPhone or Android.

Fix your clients problems through
‘Remote Access software’

Users/ clients can get their problems fixed and constant support from UzConnect by installing the ‘Remote Access’. Computers can be accessed round the clock from anywhere without anybody’s help. The users can download and install the remote access application by signing up to our website and then enable the ‘Remote Access’; this would allowthem to access any remote computer from their iPhone, iPad or Android by just clicking on the connect button beside the list of usernames that have saved in your server.