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Creating and Scheduling Sharing

Schedule a meeting in advance

  • Sign up at UzConnect and create an account.
  • Click on ‘Schedule a meeting’ option and fill in the details like- The title/topic of the meeting. You can set the date and time by clicking on the ‘Date and time’ option.
  • Click on the schedule link that gives you the link.
  • Send the link to the attendees of the meeting or click on the list of invitees that you have prepared in advance.

You can even have recurring meetings on the same agenda by setting the date and time in the calendar. The calendar also reminds you of your list of meetings that you have scheduled.

Schedule an instant meeting

Having an account can also help you schedule instant meeting whenever you think it’s necessary. Click on the instant meeting option and fill in the details and create a link. You can send this link to your colleagues and start your meeting instantly. You may do so even using your mobile, iPhone or Android by downloading our software into them.

Our cloud consol helps you to bring all attendees under the same cloud or make separate clouds according to units in your business like –management, accounts, software technicians etc.