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Desktop Sharing

Collaborate through ‘Desktop Sharing’


With us at UzConnect share your computer screen and collaborate with your colleagues and peers with the click of a button. Just install our software of screen sharing with a few easy steps and start sharing that part of your screen that you want to share as a collaborator and at the same time keep your collaboration safe. Users can collaborate seamlessly even from remote locations.

Control your sharing:


We authorize the user to control the sharing of his desktop after activation. The owner allows the participants to view that part of the screen, application or any program that he wants to. By default a desktop sharing is activated in view mode only there by giving temporary control to the participant that can be disabled or transferred to another participant at the click of a button.

E- learning through ‘Desktop Sharing’:


It’s a great tool for e-learning, technical support or team work like meetings and conferences on any of the office tools as – Word, Excel or Open office. Share your desktop even while giving instruction through voice and video over IP.

UzConnect allows several desktop sharing simultaneously even with locations where the internet connection is slow; without affecting the audio and video.

So see a demo of any software by taking control of the shared desktop.